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There might be many reasons why you have a need to get a car from A to B without you driving it. But this poses a big question, how are you going to do it? You might be lucky enough to have a friend or relative who would do it for you but do you really want to put them in that position? There is an easier way to ensure that you get the vehicle from one place to another and this is by way of a car collection and delivery service. A car pick up service can arrange with you to pick up the vehicle and deliver it where you require and it is possible to get affordable and quick quotes very easily.


So let’s take a look at all aspects of the vehicle collection and delivery service. For instance why you might need one, how to find a quote that is not going to break the bank and the process of actually getting a quote and how easy it is.


Why You Might Need a Vehicle Collection and Delivery Service


There are numerous reasons why taking on the services of a vehicle transporter company would make sense. These include:



That Trip Away Turns Into a Nightmare


You might have finally decided to take a trip away or a holiday and unfortunately, you have fallen ill or become injured and due to this, you are unable to drive your car back home. You do not have anyone with you who can drive and you don’t have a friend or relative who can go and fetch the car and drive it back home for you so how do you get it home? One way is to hire a professional company to do it for you. They will go to your car at its destination, even if they do not have your keys, and pick it up and take it wherever you require it to be. This is at least one worry out of the way and you can focus on getting better and back to driving.


Purchased A Bargain Used Vehicle But Cannot Drive It Home


You might have been lucky enough to find the exact used vehicle, with low mileage in the colour you want and at a bargain price but you cannot drive it back home. This could be due to several reasons but why should you miss out on this chance just because you cannot drive the vehicle back home? A scenario like this often involves not having the correct insurance, the vehicle not being taxed or tested or you have your own car to drive home and no one to drive your new purchase. You might even have bought the vehicle at auction and plan on doing it up but at the moment it is not road worthy, a car transport service would come in very handy here.


The above are just a couple of the prime examples of why people take on the services of a car collection and delivery service.


The Easiest Way to Get an Affordable Quote


Once you have made up your mind that a car collection and delivery service is the best choice for your situation you then have to set about finding someone. Of course, you are going to want to choose a car transport service who offers an affordable car transport quote. This is essential in keeping down the costs of your new purchase. There are several things that you need to be aware of when hiring someone to go and pick up your vehicle; otherwise, the price may be boosted higher than it needs to be or you might not be offered the service you require for your needs.


Avoid Local Couriers Who Charge Both Ways


If you have travelled far from your home and purchased a used vehicle for a bargain price you do not want to get stung on the costs for a car courier. One thing that you will have to take into account is that many local transporters will charge you by the mile. The transporter company might charge you for both ways, driving back without a load, and this, of course, is not going to be the cheapest solution, as the mileage is going to be doubled.


There a solution to this and this is by using a vehicle collection and delivery service, such as MoveSavers, that finds you multiple quotes from firms that may already be making a similar journey in your area. If that company is already delivering or picking up a vehicle in the same area as yours, you can make savings on mileage and get away without having to pay mileage for both ways.


Benefits of Using a Car Courier Comparison Website


Using MoveSavers it is possible to save as much as 80% in comparison to obtaining a quote from a local car courier. This is more than just a comparison site as unlike other comparison sites, such as confused.com, MoveSavers offer a platform that allows people to obtain a car transport quote along with negotiating delivery and talking about details of the pickup. A small deposit is paid only when happy and the delivery partner then takes things from there.


There are many benefits to choosing MoveSavers when looking for a car courier and here are just a few of them:



Gain Access to Thousands of Qualified Experts    


MoveSavers is a unique solution for those looking for car pick up from one location and delivered to another, whether that location is just a few miles or the car is in another country entirely.


Through the site, you are in control and gain access to thousands of experts who deliver vehicles for a living and who are trustworthy, after all, you do not want to hand your pride and joy over to just anyone.


One of the biggest benefits of choosing this unique way of comparing quotes is that you do not have to shop around for individual quotes yourself and there is no need for you to have to look into whether you need to take out additional insurance, at more cost to you, as the site takes care of everything.


There are many reasons why choosing a company such as MoveSavers makes sense and these include:



How the Comparison Site Works


Getting affordable and competitive quotes has never been easier thanks to MoveSavers thanks to the unique system they offer for quotes. Imagine eBay crossed with Confused.com and you get a better idea of how the MoveSavers comparison site works.


Those wanting a car moved can simply upload the job details to the website. Car delivery companies then bid on the job to move your car from one location to another and you then pick the company who gives the best quote for the job. It might be that one of the companies is able to give you a much lower quote as they might have another job in the same area and they can carry more than one vehicle at a time. This is the best way to make savings.


To start getting quotes all you have to do is enter the name of the job, for instance, the type of car you want to be delivered and give a brief description of the job. For instance, this could be fetching a Ford Focus that runs from Doncaster to Sheffield.


All that is needed is the postcode of the town where you want the vehicle collecting from and the postcode of the town you want the car delivered to. It is also possible to upload photographs of the vehicle in question and this might come in handy when wanting quotes related to a vintage car, sports car or car that has been damaged and which does not run.


Points To Consider When Posting Your Request


Many times people are looking for a simple job of having a vehicle picked up and brought to their home or place of work. In this instance, it is as easy as posting the job, where you want the car picking up from and where you want the car delivering too on a specific date. However, there are some points to consider if you have a certain type of vehicle or require the vehicle to be delivered in a certain way.


For example:



Market-Style Comparison for the Best Quotes


Just as you would place bids on an item on sites such as eBay, hoping to buy an item for a low bid, the same applies to using MoveSavers. However, in this instance you are not the one doing the bidding, the vehicle collection and delivery service is the one that bids. You simply get to choose the lowest bid or the bid that suits your requirements the most and accept that bid.


By having companies bid for work they are going to be competing against each other and this leads to bids that are generally lower than if you phone around companies yourself to get quotes. Of course, another big advantage of using this system is the time and effort that is saved on your part.


Pick and Choose From Companies, Contact Them to Finalise


When you have posted your job it will not be long before delivery partners begin to put in offers. When several offers have been made, you can then contact the delivery companies you are interested in to negotiate the job, arrange the dates for delivery or ask about any other details or pose any questions you have. When you are happy with a company and choose them you then pay a small deposit and leave the rest up to your chosen delivery company. There is never any form filling in and you never have to give away any personal details on the site.


On-Demand Vehicle Transporter Service


With MoveSavers you really do get an on-demand vehicle transporter service and there is no worry about putting your vehicle into the hands of a company. While it may be possible to secure the services of a man with transport out of such as a free ads paper who gives you a bargain quote, what’s to say that when you have paid your money to that person you will hear from them again? Even worse they may do the job and not be insured and damage your vehicle in the process and you are left out of pocket. The worst case scenario would be that you pay them and they go to retrieve your vehicle and it is never seen again.


With a tailored delivery service from MoveSavers, only a small deposit is paid upfront once you have chosen your company. At any time before or after accepting a company’s quote you are free to talk with that company about the exact time and date of picking up and delivering your vehicle. If for any reason you find that you have to rearrange the delivery it is easy and you are kept up to date at all times as the driver will give you their contact number.


Car Transportation Companies Can Find Work through MoveSavers


Not only is MoveSavers an excellent choice for those looking to have a car picked up and transported, it is also a valuable source for finding work. If you offer a car transport service you can quickly and easily sign up to offer quotes to people looking for a service.


On signing up companies then have access to those who are looking for a car transport quote and your company has the chance of earning a job by offering a quote that is competitive with the other companies. For the best chance of getting quotes accepted, companies should fill in their full profile with the site, along with a picture or company logo and hourly rate. Message notifications along with new job notifications can be sent to your email to ensure that you never miss out on the chance to give a quote for a job.


MoveSavers brings together those looking for vehicle collection and delivery services and those who offer car transportation services. There is really no easier or faster way to get competitive quotes.