Vehicle delivery without the fuss.

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Vehicle delivery without the fuss.

Vehicle delivery is also a part of the problem if you are considering buying a car. Buying a car of your choice also requires a lot of work and searches mostly within your locality.

Most times finding a used car that has the exact or similar specification to what you are looking for does require searching nationwide. While most people shy away from buying a used car without seeing it, a majority of people have no problem doing this.

Some people for obvious reasons such as referral or feedback may by a used car from a seller or dealer with the confidence that it is as described.

It is also possible that one can arrange for the car to be checked by independent vehicle inspectors or arrange for a transport company to check the vehicle on your behalf before collection.

How can I buy a used car with reassurance?

If like most people, they don’t trust second-hand car sellers, but cannot afford or doesn’t want a brand new car, there are networks where one can buy used cars with peace of mind. AA and RAC used car websites are one of those places.

Some used car dealers also offer a free RAC or AA vehicle inspection before purchasing; it is worth exploring this option as well.
Once you have found a car of your choice, you can visit MoveSavers vehicle delivery quote site to save money on the delivery.

Should you collect your vehicle by yourself?

Most of our users sometimes buy cars from auction houses, classified sites, eBay. There shouldn’t be a barrier to getting a car transported to you no matter where you are.

One can also choose to collect their car themselves, but it is advisable to make sure you observe the necessary laws to do it legally. Here are some examples:
1. Verify that the vehicle is taxed.
2. There is a valid insurance.
3. There is a current MOT.
4. It is also your responsibility to make sure that the tyres are legal and the vehicle is in road worthy condition.

There are other reasons why you would want to collect your vehicle by your self. For example, if it is not road worthy, you can hire a vehicle transport truck, drive down load it up and drive it back to your destination. Or you want to have fun with the car and see what it is like to drive over a long distance.
But it is worth checking the cost of doing it yourself as this is usually very expensive. Considering the cost of hiring the truck, time away from work, fuel cost, transportation costs; these expenses do add up significantly.

Find a reputable vehicle delivery company.

So, it is worth getting a quote from a reputable source and relax while your car is delivered to you. Usually, obtaining quotes from yell, gumtree etc. is usually time-consuming and carry some risks. You may not know the person collecting your car, his or her background, insurance etc. At MoveSavers we use trusted and verify transporters, so you can be assured that your vehicle is in safe hands.

Click: Car Transport to tell us what vehicles you need delivering. Once you made a delivery request, you’ll start receiving delivery quotes from experience vehicle transporters. Most times some will suggest a delivery date for your car. You may also stipulate delivery dates. Our users and transport are free to communicate as much as they want before agreeing on the transportation. If for any reason, you want to cancel your vehicle delivery job, feel free to let the transporters know in plenty of time.

Transporters on our marketplace are usually making a similar journey and can give you a significant discount if they can take your car along or as a backload! Some customers save as much as 80% on their delivery.

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