Removal quote websites: Why you should use them and why you shouldn’t


removal quote webites
Should removal firms give removal quote websites the thumb up?

Removal quote websites have its supporters and detractors. I have been here a lot longer and quite fascinated by the market, the men and women that work very hard day in, day out. I have seen movers lament about how tough the market is; some are already dropping like flies, quitting the business altogether. Some are branching into other prospects. Is the market definitely this bad? What has changed, what is the future?
And most of all, should a removal quote website be a smart place to find customers that some of you desperately needs?

Most Movers that I’ve met are proud men and women, very passionate folks that love the industry. Some are very resistant to change and want to maintain the status, the honour of the industry that they grew up with.

Changes are part of life and business, the rise of Facebook, removal quote websites, online bidding sites have presented a challenge to many. Should they embrace it or turn their back on them?

In this article, I would focus on the rise of removal quote websites and discuss the pros and cons of these type sites.

Online removal and delivery quote comparison sites are notoriously known among movers as a place where people that don’t deserve to be in the removal industry can turn up and start competing for jobs with known movers that have built their reputation over the years. They are also seen as a race to the bottom hell hole where quotes are ridiculously low it’s not even worth the log in effort.

What are these removal quote websites?
There are four main removal quote websites for removal and delivery companies to find job leads in the UK. In no particular order, I will list the sites below:

Brief introduction of UK removal quote websites was founded in 2009 by Angus Elphinstone and Ben Goor. Their idea was simple; create a marketplace for customers to easily get removal quotes from removal companies. And for companies to find leads without subscriptions and fees. The idea has come a long way, and it is very popular, the company is well funded by investors, and their website is one of the best in the world, this is no joke.
Anyvan is the most aggressive removal quote website; their marketing power is terrific, I believe that their main goal is to operate an Uber like service, where they have a tight control on companies operating in their marketplace. was founded by Robert Matthams in 2008. He was inspired according to an interview published in the Evening Standard on 29 October 2009, when he ordered a pool table to his university in Manchester. The driver lamented that he would travel back to London empty handed, that he would have had a lower quote if he brought more items with him or a backload. Is a Texas based delivery and removal bidding website, to me I think they are the daddy of removal and delivery bidding sites. Founded by Matthew Chasen, Jay Manickam and Mickey Millsap in 2004. In America they are morphing into a logistics company, having their delivery vehicles and team. Is a privately held company based in Knutsford; it was founded in 2009. Its operations are run and managed by Robert Offord. was founded in 2017 by a University of Nottingham graduate who started out doing delivery and trade plating to fund his University. He has done over 500 jobs with the top four marketplaces and knew their strengths and weakness. The feedbacks he received from customers and fellow companies inspired him to launch a marketplace startup. MoveSavers is 100% self-funded. Founders aim is to build a removal and delivery quote website that is very friendly to users and offer a low commission to customers.

Importance of removal marketplace websites
But are they that bad? Is it the future? Can they be challenged? I will start by emphasising the importance of removal quote marketplace otherwise known as bidding sites. There are obvious benefits in using these removal sites. I will briefly explain these:

Free leads: If you are in the removal business getting leads can be tough especially in areas where you don’t operate. For example, a removal firm moving a customer’s load from Manchester to London, have very little to no chance of getting a job back to Manchester from London areas. Using a removal quote marketplace is the best bets for finding a return load back. Make more money for less.

A leg up: If you are new to the industry, bidding marketplace is an excellent place to spread yourself around without spending a dime! Register for free, bid for jobs, win some lose some. You gain more experience while working out where you want to be in the industry.

Advertising cost: Let’s face it, marketing your business can be painful, expensive and if you are not careful you may face ruins. Most times the only people that win are the marketing agencies! Using a marketplace let you circumvent advertising cost. You find leads with very little effort.

Brand promotion: If you want more brand exposure, choose your username carefully, and it might propel you to a wider audience. Through a marketplace, you will be quoting hundreds perhaps thousands of customers per week. Whether your quote is accepted or not, it is your chance to promote your brand. Drop your business card to customers, and also thank those that did not accept your quotes and remind them to use or recommend you next time.

Backloads: Killing two bird with one stone is something every business will like to do. With a marketplace, the opportunity is endless; you can kill multiple birds with half a stone. Find return leads among your routes easily. Don’t just over do it!

Consequences of a removal quote websites
Consequences of removal marketplace are real and cannot be ignored

Competition: If you are a local company, removal firms much further away will begin to compete with you for local jobs. Just with the example above, a Manchester based firm going to London will be able to compete with firms in London. More companies fewer jobs!

Price pressure: The impact on price on removal quote websites cannot be understimated. With more people bidding for jobs, this affects the quality of quotes. Participation drives down price. At the end of the day, most jobs are a race to the bottom regarding quotes

Questionable companies can get a new lease of life: Well, we’ve all had them before. Scrupulous removal firms, man with a van team that have zero respect or care for customers and the industry. They just want to make a quick buck. There is no way to stop these types of companies from signing up to a removal quote website, a few feedbacks from customers is ideally what is needed to avoid these guys. They are well known in their area as a company to avoid; a marketplace can give them a new lease of life.

Awful marketplace: Most folks here have terrible experiences with some of the marketplaces mentioned above. Strict communication and negotiation tactics can make communicating with a customer a hassle. Shiply banned quote negotiation in messages, that means you have your hands tied behind your back and mouth shut.
Marketplaces can kick a company out just for minor violations. There are plenty of AnyVan and Shiply companies that have been kicked out. Sure, hurts after one has depended on them for years.

Do we have a future with removal quote websites?
removal quote websites have been growing in popularity; customers loved them as it saves them lots of time and money. They are very simple to use. In my opinion, they will continue to grow and will remain popular. Not every company need a removal quote website, some do. And seeing the power wielded by these marketplaces, it is worth using as many of them as possible. They both have their strength and weaknesses.
From my experience using and creating a removal quote websites, I find it extremely useful. I have met lots of companies that are desperate for work, and some that are not. There is nothing to lose with trying a marketplace.

Thank you very much for reading. Feel free to respond to this article and please share it now.

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