Sell bulky furnitures online with no hassle or haggling and no need for pick-ups!

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You should consider man with a van compare service when you’re looking to shift a piece of furniture in the house to make way for something new. Listing it on Gumtree, eBay or a free-ads site with a ‘pick-up only’ option can seem quick and easy. But, it’s really unlikely you’ll get the best price for your item – so how to go about the sale to sell fast and avoid any hassle?

Selling an item on eBay, Gumtree, or any other sales site automatically attracts more interest when you can offer delivery all around the country. Of course, with a sofa or a table it’s not always that easy… you’re not about to wrap it up and pop it to the post office, after all! Continue reading Sell bulky furnitures online with no hassle or haggling and no need for pick-ups!

MoveSavers, Cheap, Eco-Friendly And An Efficient Way To Move Anything.

Moving items from point A to B is something we all do every day and may take for granted, however moving items to a greater distance might be something we do not take for granted, but we at MoveSavers don’t.

Moving to a new property or office is time consuming, stressful and expensive. However, with careful planning, movesavers can lessen the stress that comes with moving.

Businesses over the years have evolved to provide a system where moving items are extremely easy, all you have to do is list what you need to move in an online marketplace, transporters provide a quote, you select a quote that you are fine with, arrange collection and delivery dates and it is done.

You don’t have to print address or wrap whatever it is. Transporter shows up, collect your item and within a short time, it is at the other end. Brilliant. Many ppl have shunned the customary ways of delivering especially bulk and large items to this relatively new marketplace dominated delivery methods.

Here at MoveSavers, we are delighted to say that we are working on a different approach of delivering items which we hope our transporters would really love because we have considered them in with our approach. Customers would also like the new no fringe system, which would save them a lot of money.