The ultimate trick to low cost, cheaper and quicker house removal.

House removal can be a big headache. But there is a trick to finding low cost, cheaper house removal quotes. The charity Anxiety UK conducted a poll in 2016 and two thirds of those taking part rated moving house as top of their stress list – beating relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job! But it shouldn’t be, what if we tell you that there is low cost, cheaper and quicker house removal trick? Finding a reliable house removal company can be frustrating and takes lots of time!


There’s lots to plan for and lots of jobs and errands that pop up along the way, but there’s really no need for moving home to have such a mental drain on you. There will always be a degree of upheaval, but you don’t need to spread yourself too thinly with lots of things at once. Preparation can be key – anything you can do ahead of time, do it. Register with a new GP, make sure your broadband is up and running and let your utility companies know you’ll be switching to a new address.

Get house removal quotes the stress free way

You can also prepare by getting quotes from house removal companies in advance, but there’s no need to pull out the Yellow Pages and a notebook for a ring round all of your local delivery businesses. Hiring a removal van or lorry yourself is often expensive and stressful, not to mention a nightmare to park! Instead, log onto the MoveSavers website and enter details of the job you need doing. Then, sit back and relax. Local house removal company and delivery experts will log onto the site, read your requirements and ‘bid’ for your job by sending you quotes and further information. This will allow you to directly compare house removal experts and their facilities, services, and prices – and go back to them to request more information or even haggle if you choose to. The prices are guaranteed to be cheaper than standard removal jobs, as the companies are using MoveSavers to use up their otherwise empty capacity, so you could be in for a discount as hefty as 80% off usual prices!

cheap house removal company
Moving to a new home is easier than you thought!

House removal companies you can trust.

All house removal companies are independently verified by MoveSavers, so you know that you’re dealing with a trusted local business, and you’re fully insured for extra piece of mind. You can book your job in ahead of time so you’re all set for the big day, and then when it comes, you can hand straight over to the experts and let them take care of the big logistics while you take on the smaller details.

Of course, you might not have a whole household to move that you need help with – it could be just an item or two, or your bulkier goods. This is no problem; just specify exactly what you need help with on the ‘Post a Job’ form on the site, and the companies on the other end will read through to provide an unbeatable house removal quotes for your comparison.

Post your job now for house removals experts to bid on!

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