Car transportation: How to save money by using MoveSavers.

Movesavers car transport quote

Buying a used car can be a terrific hard-hitting experience. So many questions with very little answers. What to look for, is the seller honest, should I buy local or further away; if I buy a car far away how should I bring it home? Etc.


If you end up finding a car far away from you that satisfies all your curiosity delivering the car to your drive away is the most important step. Assuming you have the time, you could decide to take the trip to fetch the car or pay a car transporter to deliver it to you.


How do you get the best car delivery quote?

Calling local car transporters is usually the easiest way, but since they charge per mile you could end up paying for both ways! It is not usually the cheapest method. Also, before authorising the company to collect the car, you have to know their history and identity to make sure you are not dealing with a scrupulous firm.

The best way to get the best price on car delivery is to use a car delivery quote website such as MoveSavers to find delivery companies that are already making similar journey, that way you could save lots of money. The platform gives users the opportunities to find companies that are going in a similar direction, because of this you can avoid paying for both ways and may also get a discount for your delivery!

How to use MoveSavers car delivery platform.

MoveSavers is the next generation delivery marketplace platform that connect users with car transport companies. The advantage here is that the company find more jobs and the customers get multiple quotes and a great discount. Just think of it as for transportation services, but without the hassle.

To find a car delivery partner, simply visit our Post Job page, use the short form to tell us what vehicle that you need delivered and wait a few minutes for our delivery partners to provide you with quotes. Unlike you can use our platform to contact delivery partners to negotiate, arrange delivery dates, ask for more details etc.

Once you are happy with a quote, accept the quote, pay the little deposit and our delivery partner would take it from there. See it is that easy, anyone can do it. No need to fill in tremendous amount of form or give away your details.

How much will a delivery cost?

 On average our customers save up to £250 compare to getting a quote directly from a local car transporter. Our delivery partners are passionate about their service, you are rest assured that your car will be delivered in the exact condition as it was collected.

Is this really an On demand transportation service?

 Yes! This is a tailored delivery service. Before or after you accept a quote, you can schedule with your chosen delivery partner when to deliver your vehicle. Once you have agreed a date/time to suit you; we know sometimes things doesn’t always go according to plane; You can call the delivery partner and rearrange the delivery. You’ll have the drivers phone number for up-to-date delivery time.


Hope you find our service useful 🙂




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