5 Easy Steps to Cheap Student Moving Services

5 Easy Steps to Cheap Student Moving Services

I bet you’ve never thought about a way of finding and comparing cheap students removal service! For most students, it’s the biggest move of our lives: hiring a move van and loading it up with way too many of our belongings to start life at University in another town, city, or even country. Or, after years away, you move back to your hometown to get stuck into adult working life. Either way, student removals and student house moves are a big upheaval and need to be made as easy as possible. Don’t take the risk when hiring a student move van – make it as easy and cheap as possible!

  1. Visit MoveSavers Post job Page

MoveSavers is a delivery website that encourages delivery and removal experts (as well as couriers and collection companies) to use their empty space on the way to or from other jobs, to ensure they’re using their potential as best possible and not creating more congestion and carbon by driving empty loads around! The site is completely free to join.

As delivery companies will bid for your custom to make some extra income they wouldn’t otherwise have had, you’ll find prices considerably cheaper than standard comparison sites; with savings of up to 90% available!

  1. Enter details of your job

Enter all the info you can for your student move van requirements: the date, time, destination, an idea of load, etc. Do you need full student storage facilities or have anything particularly bulky or unusual to be delivered? Note it all down here – the more detail, the better, removal companies need

  1. Wait for the delivery experts to respond 

Once they receive notification of your job, MoveSavers’ delivery companies will spring into action! They’ll read through the details of your student move requirements and ‘bid’ for your job. You can compare their quotes and information in the MoveSavers marketplace to find exactly the student moving business that’s right for you. You have the power here as businesses will come to you for your business, rather than the other way around!

  1. Iron out any final moving details

As bids are received for your custom from the MoveSavers student delivery and removal experts, you can message them to discuss specific requirements and make sure you’re completely happy before you proceed. All companies are vetted and verified by MoveSavers themselves, and you’re fully insured; but, of course, it’s important that you find a company you’re comfortable with.

  1. Get moving!

Make sure you’re all packed up and ready for action on the big day. The student moving van company will arrive at an agreed time to collect your goods and help you move. You can sit back and let them do the work then pick up your stuff again at the other end – easy!

So, there you have it. Moving to University or moving student house cheaply and easily can be done; and without hassle! Visit MoveSavers site now to find and compare cheap student removal companies!


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