Vehicle delivery without the fuss.

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Professional car delivery, Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace!

Vehicle delivery without the fuss.

Vehicle delivery is also a part of the problem if you are considering buying a car. Buying a car of your choice also requires a lot of work and searches mostly within your locality.

Most times finding a used car that has the exact or similar specification to what you are looking for does require searching nationwide. While most people shy away from buying a used car without seeing it, a majority of people have no problem doing this.

Some people for obvious reasons such as referral or feedback may by a used car from a seller or dealer with the confidence that it is as described. Continue reading Vehicle delivery without the fuss.

How to save money on delivery quote from MoveSavers marketplace.

Get a house removal quote from MoveSavers and save time and money.
We make house removal easy.

How to save money on removal quote from MoveSavers marketplace.

Finding a house removal company can be complicated, expensive and may leave you out of pocket. A moving company quote compare site does more than saving you money. It can help you find a trusted and expert with a passion for helping you move and settle into your new home. The reason why we all love using a price comparison website is that we save money and time, plenty of those! But unlike existing comparison sites, e.g. insurance, utility, you can contact delivery companies to negotiate or discuss received quotes. And unlike other comparison sites, you can find that removal companies have some flexibilities when it comes to quotes. Continue reading How to save money on delivery quote from MoveSavers marketplace.

Compare Removal Quotes from Professional Movers and Transporters

Removal services shouldn't be complicated.

A Free Service to Find the Best Prices Available for Single Items to Full House Removals

Quickly receive unbeatable house removal quotes from verified professional transporters and movers. It takes a minute to list your requirements at MoveSavers and you’ll soon get customised competitive quotes from companies that want your business.

  • The MoneySaver service is free to use.
  • All your quotes can be seen in one place.
  • On average MoneySaver users save around £300.
  • Transport anything to anywhere in the UK or Europe.
  • Get the best prices from professionals who are competing for your job.

Continue reading Compare Removal Quotes from Professional Movers and Transporters

6 amazing things about MoveSavers delivery quote comparison site.

6 amazing things about MoveSavers delivery quote comparison site

Getting a delivery quote or transportation or house removal estimates from MoveSavers is simple and straightforward. There are lots of amazing things customers can benefit from using MoveSavers. We have listed 6 benefits below.

 You save money: As a user, you save money when you compare delivery, removal or transportation quotes. When buying car insurance or utility most people use comparison websites to compare quotes. You should do the same when looking for delivery quotes.

You get professional transporters: You have spent ages, collecting vital and precious items. Now it is time for you to move, and perhaps you are wondering what to do? Relax, at MoveSavers we have professional transporters that can handle your precious items with care. Ensuring they are delivered the same way as collected.

You tell us what want to deliver. We do the rest. Saving you time: Looking for transport or delivery company can be time-consuming. At MoveSavers, you only tell us what you want delivering and trusted companies provide quote for you to review at your leisure. Yellow pages, Gumtree, back pages of your local paper? They are so old school! Continue reading 6 amazing things about MoveSavers delivery quote comparison site.

5 Easy Steps to Cheap Student Moving Services

5 Easy Steps to Cheap Student Moving Services

I bet you’ve never thought about a way of finding and comparing cheap students removal service! For most students, it’s the biggest move of our lives: hiring a move van and loading it up with way too many of our belongings to start life at University in another town, city, or even country. Or, after years away, you move back to your hometown to get stuck into adult working life. Either way, student removals and student house moves are a big upheaval and need to be made as easy as possible. Don’t take the risk when hiring a student move van – make it as easy and cheap as possible!

  1. Visit MoveSavers Post job Page

MoveSavers is a delivery website that encourages delivery and removal experts (as well as couriers and collection companies) to use their empty space on the way to or from other jobs, to ensure they’re using their potential as best possible and not creating more congestion and carbon by driving empty loads around! The site is completely free to join.

As delivery companies will bid for your custom to make some extra income they wouldn’t otherwise have had, you’ll find prices considerably cheaper than standard comparison sites; with savings of up to 90% available! Continue reading 5 Easy Steps to Cheap Student Moving Services

Removal quote websites: Why you should use them and why you shouldn’t


removal quote webites
Should removal firms give removal quote websites the thumb up?

Removal quote websites have its supporters and detractors. I have been here a lot longer and quite fascinated by the market, the men and women that work very hard day in, day out. I have seen movers lament about how tough the market is; some are already dropping like flies, quitting the business altogether. Some are branching into other prospects. Is the market definitely this bad? What has changed, what is the future?
And most of all, should a removal quote website be a smart place to find customers that some of you desperately needs?

Most Movers that I’ve met are proud men and women, very passionate folks that love the industry. Some are very resistant to change and want to maintain the status, the honour of the industry that they grew up with. Continue reading Removal quote websites: Why you should use them and why you shouldn’t

How to have eBay ‘Collection Only’ items Delivered to your Door – using the Man With A Van network!


movesavers ebay delivery service
delivering ebay collection only item is easier and cheaper than you think.

eBay ‘Collection Only’, particularly furniture or bulky items, are often listed considerably cheaper with no option of delivery which limits the market for the item to only those within walking or driving distance. Once you find the perfect item, you don’t want to have to enlist a specialist furniture delivery service or courier service provider to pick up your eBay furniture – it’d make your bargain quickly quite pricey! Instead, your eBay delivery can be taken on by a ‘Man with a Van’ who could include eBay item collection. Using MoveSavers you may even find a courier quote from an expert furniture removal company to pick up and safely deliver your eBay chest of drawers or sofa! Continue reading How to have eBay ‘Collection Only’ items Delivered to your Door – using the Man With A Van network!

The ultimate trick to low cost, cheaper and quicker house removal.

House removal can be a big headache. But there is a trick to finding low cost, cheaper house removal quotes. The charity Anxiety UK conducted a poll in 2016 and two thirds of those taking part rated moving house as top of their stress list – beating relationship breakdowns, divorce and starting a new job! But it shouldn’t be, what if we tell you that there is low cost, cheaper and quicker house removal trick? Finding a reliable house removal company can be frustrating and takes lots of time!


There’s lots to plan for and lots of jobs and errands that pop up along the way, but there’s really no need for moving home to have such a mental drain on you. There will always be a degree of upheaval, but you don’t need to spread yourself too thinly with lots of things at once. Preparation can be key – anything you can do ahead of time, do it. Register with a new GP, make sure your broadband is up and running and let your utility companies know you’ll be switching to a new address. Continue reading The ultimate trick to low cost, cheaper and quicker house removal.

Sell bulky furnitures online with no hassle or haggling and no need for pick-ups!

Cheap furniture delivery quote
Expert furniture delivery service can be found at

You should consider man with a van compare service when you’re looking to shift a piece of furniture in the house to make way for something new. Listing it on Gumtree, eBay or a free-ads site with a ‘pick-up only’ option can seem quick and easy. But, it’s really unlikely you’ll get the best price for your item – so how to go about the sale to sell fast and avoid any hassle?

Selling an item on eBay, Gumtree, or any other sales site automatically attracts more interest when you can offer delivery all around the country. Of course, with a sofa or a table it’s not always that easy… you’re not about to wrap it up and pop it to the post office, after all! Continue reading Sell bulky furnitures online with no hassle or haggling and no need for pick-ups!

MoveSavers, Cheap, Eco-Friendly And An Efficient Way To Move Anything.

Moving items from point A to B is something we all do every day and may take for granted, however moving items to a greater distance might be something we do not take for granted, but we at MoveSavers don’t.

Moving to a new property or office is time consuming, stressful and expensive. However, with careful planning, movesavers can lessen the stress that comes with moving.

Businesses over the years have evolved to provide a system where moving items are extremely easy, all you have to do is list what you need to move in an online marketplace, transporters provide a quote, you select a quote that you are fine with, arrange collection and delivery dates and it is done.

You don’t have to print address or wrap whatever it is. Transporter shows up, collect your item and within a short time, it is at the other end. Brilliant. Many ppl have shunned the customary ways of delivering especially bulk and large items to this relatively new marketplace dominated delivery methods.

Here at MoveSavers, we are delighted to say that we are working on a different approach of delivering items which we hope our transporters would really love because we have considered them in with our approach. Customers would also like the new no fringe system, which would save them a lot of money.